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The Kpi of aspiring champions arrives in the 2021 football’s world galvanized by the Italian victory
at the European and relaunched by an enthusiastic championship and by amazing results. A website
in which every athlete will be able to obtain their Key performance indicator
It is not a dream, but a job, where everyone can develop a professional career following their real
quality and technical skills after having defined their real potential, quantified with statistical
parameters. Everything is possible thanks to an algorithm that is able to direct career. In the next
weeks, the ASM platform will be online. It is a sort of LinkedIn for football and it is created by an
Italian-American production with universal vocation. Inside ASM’s database, the Kpi of the best
football players around the world have been inserted as parameters and metadata with all the scores
of the respective performance parameters. There are dozens of entries, such as: defensive and
offensive moves, shots on goal, blocked shots, saves, long pass, completed pass...
The Kpi is able to identify real champions thanks to a share, expressed in information, concerning
the minutes played by each player for each match. There are hundreds of top players, from Jorginho
to Sergio Busquets, Barella, Danilo Pereira, Khedira.
Inserting these data, we can find the most important today’s football players. This idea was
conceived by Alessio Sundas, the Italian sport agent working in the United States, who has the
possibility to identify the level of each player. Now, it is available with an app, but soon it will be
online thanks to a group of programmers, match analysts, information readers and encoders. His
method is based on the comparison between statistics, quality and indicators of important football
players. Alessio Sundas talks about his new app, his new t unit of measure for talent and its
The Italian sport agent affirms: “I had an idea, that now is a reality: an app and a new unit of
measure to compare players. In the implementation phase, the most difficult part, from an analytical
point of view, had been the individuation and the attribution of the intrinsic value to player’s
analytical metrics. Let me clarify. The importance of goals for a central striker, together with the
number of shots on goal and those in the goal opening that demands the intervention of the
goalkeeper, are without no doubt more important for the performance of the player with this
specific role, compared to the metrics of a midfielder who plays in defense”.
Sundas continues: “This app has the objective to present players with their Kpi (Key performance
indicator) which will be compared with the best players with the same role. If we think that the
playing system is not the key to understand the position, the role and the tasks of a player, because
tactical ideas and style of play are more important, the attribution of an intrinsic value to the metrics
of the performance’s assessment becomes fundamental”.
The ASM (Alessio Sundas Measure) considers data from 01 to 1000 to calculate the value of a
player. To explain the algorithm, we give you an example: if the data which arrive from the “match
analysis” have 300, we will have a Serie D player; if we have 800, there will be a Serie A player.
This is an important and revolutionary twist, as Sundas says: “We have changed method and we
have enhanced football system and thanks to an algorithm, we finally understand the growing times

of a player and we can make some appropriate changes. Ultimately, we understand if an athlete can
really play or not”.
Professional applications are also important. Alessio Sundas affirms: “My app, which will be
available for every mobile device, Mac and Pc, will have an important role. I think that providing
precise technical data summarized in a Kpi to every stakeholder is crucial for the relationship
between the agent, the player and the club. Comparing these metrics to the data of the best players
is also fundamental”. Alessio Sundas concludes: “In this way, we provide a summarized data of a
player, which is also used to make some comparison, to a specific club”.