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Dear Champions and Families,
with our method we will enhance 4.2000.000 soccer players.
Currently only 52 players play at a high level in Europe.
The antidote goes from the improvement of the player's technique
through data analysis to the preparation of a precise technical sheet
and disclosure of the same to football clubs.
Our data is accurate as a Swiss watch and thanks to the report we can
correct player defects.
We are ready and we will bring young Americans to Europe.
Become part of progress and our partner. Let's revolutionize
football in this wonderful country and invest 0.99 cents with Zelle +1
561 8089850 and help me spread this message using any method available
and we will do a legendary thing and go down in history for having
Enhanced football in the usa

American Group Sports Management
Alessio Sundas Players Agent
Miami Magic FC