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Union Agent Football Association Deregulation 
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The UAFA Association - "Union Agent Football Association Deregulation" – was established on May 20th, 2019 with the specific purpose of protecting the rights of sports attorneys.

Until 2015 it was required only one exam consisting of a written test organized by the FIGC to       become sports attorney.
In 2015 it was established also in Italy the free register of sports attorneys, following the new      Agents’ regulation adopted by FIFA which did not provide for the release of any authorization.
The Italian register came into force on April 1st, 2015 and it provided for registration subject to    payment of the annual registration fee of 500,00 €.

It was effectively implemented a deregulation which allowed, to all those who met the requirements, to operate in the agents’ working environment.


Liberalization is therefore fully implemented and around 800 new sports attorneys sign up with the Register, invest large sums of money, start business activities (with the relative opening of a VAT number), set up companies, hire employees and collaborators for technical forms’ promotions and developments, start collaboration with observers and deposit the contracts in the FIGC paying for each the expected sum of 150,00 €.

The Stability Law 2018 (December 27th, 2017 No. 205) established the new figure of CONI agent and provides for the reintroduction of the exam, also establishing that the titles issued before April 1st, 2015 remain valid.

The post-2015 sports attorney's register will be cancelled on June 30th, 2019 and hundreds of      people will no longer be able to work, losing all that they have built to date.
The activities will be closed, VAT numbers will cease, the relationships with the various sector’s   collaborators will be revoked and the employees will be dismissed.
This is where the UAFA comes from: the UAFA will act in all appropriate locations and in all ways  to protect what the agents have built to date.

The President of the Association, with the intention of modifying the rules and therefore ensuring that the new regulation only establishes for the future and does not produce any retroactive effect, has already contacted all the members of the Senate and the Chamber, the European Parliament, the President of the Council, the President of the Italian Republic, the CONI President and the FIGC President, the current president of FIFA, the Undersecretary with responsibility for sport, the Commission VII and the general secretaries of CISL, UIL and CIGL in support of employees.

In this way the positions of the "old" pre-reform 2015 agents and the post-reform 2015 agents   would be saved and, I would like to clarify, these agents are more than informed in matters of     sports law, they have no criminal record and they are willing to participate in any refresher           course organized by CONI (for a fee or not).

"We count on reaching at least 800 Associates" - he confidently affirms the

President – “Unity makes strength”.

The President